Maxamillion MaximaAccount Name: Climax

Website Founder
Job: Pays for all services and plans on the site, makes sure the site is free and stays free for everyone that wish to use it. Keeps and maintains ad banners and pop up ads away from the site at all times. Takes care of members or companies seeking personal promoting/advertising on the site. Helps companies expand on the site via advertising them, and helps members get noticed through promoting them to gain more fans. Also makes sure everything is working accordingly and the staff are doing their part on the site correctly at all times.

Elexy ReyahAccount Name: Esexy

Website Administrator
Job: Makes sure everything on the site is running smoothly for you and everyone else. Oversees all sections of the site to make sure the rules are being held into account at all times. Also responsible for adding additional content in special areas like the Games and Movies section of the site.

Amanda CrossAccount Name: Playmate

Community Manager
Job: Takes care of members who have problems with the site as in problems with its features and/or features not working correctly. Also takes care of all reports based on any abuse by members and reports of spammers/scammers on the site.

Nena McLeanAccount Name: Virus

Accountant Manager
Job: Takes care of all payouts on the site and payments. Works exclusively mainly with sellers and buyers from the Market section of the site. Also takes care of payouts to members via the Affiliate system of the website.

Sarakelly LeeanAccount Name: Slade

Customer Support
Job: Oversees the website sections and comments to make sure everything is perfectly in order and clear of any rules being broken on our website. Also checks pages and groups to make sure the rules of the site are being held at all times.

Krystiny La'DorAccount Name: Heartbrake

Review Manager
Job: Mainly checks all uploads on the website and makes sure all uploads are always safe for accessing, viewing or download. Also checks profiles for no spammers, illegal post, spam/virus filled uploads or similar type content.

Dayveah SparkAccount Name: Vanillaspice

Copyright Manager
Job: Makes sure nothing illegal is being shared or given through out the site. Keeps the site free of any illegal activities from downloads to interactions with members in all sections and services of the site. Also takes care of any and all DMCA notices or any copyright claims on the website.

Marlexy LexetonAccount Name: Clover

Lead Moderator
Job: The main and leading moderator in the moderator staff group, makes sure that all moderators are doing their job correctly and assist all moderators with additional information they might need. Also checks profiles to delete any illegal post, spam, adware or virus which members might post. Additionally, reports members for banning and account closure if rules on the website are broken.