Jixem: The social connection.

Welcome to Jixem, we are a growing social media site that strives in getting everyone closer together via the use of the internet and the service it provides. Here at Jixem you share all your life long dreams freely with other members of the site. We encourage members who register to speak their minds, state their interest and not be afraid to communicate with others from around the world. We provide you with everything you need to move ahead, including boosting your business in the world, getting to know others, making friends and relationships, keeping up with open minded family members, meeting new people with your same interest along with so much more. So do not be afraid to explore others, you are on Jixem now - your one stop spot for everything that revolves around social connection!

Maximum Engagement: Groups, pages and events.

As a registered user of Jixem, you can join groups of other members with similar interest as you, or you can create your own personal groups and be more specific with your sharing. You can also even create pages to promote your business, talk about your business, expand your business or reach out to others who love and enjoy the same interests you do. Groups and pages are also great to keep interested friends closer together all in one place as well. Additionally you may also create Events in which you let others know of things that will go on around your area. Events are a good way to get people interested in special activities you wish to have with others such as birthday parties, dating, conventions, photo shoots, parties, meet ups, webcaming sessions, celebrity events and more. Sharing and communication with the world has never been this easy and diverse. You have full control of your pages, groups and events and are notified who is interested, who isn't along with the ability to invite members. Public, secret and invite-only options are also available for the creator of a group or event!

Market Place: Make money by buying and selling.

Here at Jixem we are more than just an social website, we are also a market and we help you make money. You can sell on our market place downloadable content which includes digital art, videos, photography along with other personal things you would like others to get a hold of. You may also sell physical items which require shipping but keep in mind that Jixem and its staff take no responsibility when selling, buying or receiving such items. Your personal shop is yours to expand and maintain, share it with other members of Jixem or share it on other websites to let others know about you and what you have to offer!

Blog Section: State your mind or share stories and poetry.

We offer a Blog section which grants you the ability to talk about anything, even share personal stories and experiences. If you are someone that enjoys sharing your past encounters or wish to let others know what you always dreamed of doing - then this is the section for you. But that is not all, share fictional stories or even poetry with others, or talk about a specific thing and see what others think about it via their comments below your blog post. The subjects and possible communication which you can convey to others, may be visitors, followers, family or friends are endless in the Blog section of the site, so take advantage of it!

Games: Flash games and downloadable games.

Our Games section give you and visitors alike the ability to download games for your computer or mobile, along with also offering mobile games. We also offer flash games which you can play right on the site without having to leave at all, when you are tired of being social you can turn to our Games section for extra personal entertainment. Our large gaming section is perfect for those moments in time when you are bored or just wish to try something new in the form of video games. Our categories are limitless, so everyone will more likely find something they would like. With the large list of categories and growing section of games, you can be sure that just we have a game for all!

Comics Section: Download comics right on the site.

If you love comics, may it be anime style, marvel style, Disney style, DC style or even cartoon styled, you can find it all with us. If you love reading online comics you will be able to find a large variety of them on our site. We offer the option to read the comics online or download them to your operating system to read later as well. From professional famous artist to amateur created works, our collection of comics is always growing for your personal reading pleasure. Check out all which interest you the most, read new experiences, find specific comics you desire or add your own created personal comics and share them with others all on one section. There will always be something worth finding and reading so do not dely on checking it all out freely!

Movie Section: Professional high definition videos.

Our Movie section is a dedicated area which regularly gets updated with new professional high quality videos for you to watch online. The best video content can be found in the Movie section to watch for free. We have a large category collection which expand to a wide variety of great content such as Action, Science Fiction, Documentaries, Comedy, Animation, Horror, Thriller, Drama, War and even show case TV shows. You are bound to find what interest you in or Movie section and you can be assured that the quality offered will be the best you can find on the internet!

Role Play: Dedicated role playing rooms.

Jixem holds a large role playing section for dedicated visitors and members who enjoy role playing with others. We have a large list of role playing rooms that support dedicated role players of all types including furries, bronys, fantasy, adventure, science fiction and more. The section even has a special room known as the Friend Finder to help dedicated role playing members and visitors find partners to role play with, or let those in the room who might be interested to jump to a certain room for some role playing fun. So if you are a serious role player who hunger entertainment through the means of the imagination... We have you fully covered!

Talk City: Rooms for casual or specific chats.

Talk City is our prime section for members or random visitors alike to have casual chats together, the chats in this section range to pretty much anything. The section also holds a large number of rooms which are specific to a subject, these include rooms to only chat about certain things like cars, aircraft, weapons, politics, religion, military and technology to name a few. Aside from having specific rooms to chat about specific things, the site also hold rooms with an age tag to them to show what most likely ages will be taking part in those rooms, however, you do not have to be of the age specified to be in these rooms or enter them so any age can join them. The rooms work just like the Role-Play rooms on the site so switching from the role playing rooms to the casual rooms would not become confusing to anyone, your information being your name and profile picture used would stay intact and transfer over if you had any. This section does not require any registration, so anyone can join in a chat freely. The Chatter Box room is a universal room where one can chat about anything anyone has in mind. So if you are bored with nothing to do and just wish to kill time, be sure to check out our Talk City section - you will be amazed how fast time will fly you by!

Role Persona: Create your own Role Playing character.

The Role Persona section of Jixem is a very special area where members who are dedicated role players can add their personal original characters for role playing sessions in our Role Playing section of the site. Here one can add virtually any original character they would love to take the role of on any of and it isn't limited to how many characters you can have or create. The form for adding a personal role playing character is very simple and can be customized to your liking to show off powers, abilities, detailed information, friends, family, strange facts and even stats. This section on the site makes it great for members into Role Playing to find possible role playing partners, or lets them know which registered members on the site really enjoys role playing. Even members who do not know what role playing is can create a character easily to explore the role playing sections, giving them the head start they need into the wonders of role playing!

Database: Information on just about anything and everything.

The Data Base section of our website is a very special addition which we have. This section let's members add detailed information about almost anything and the sources from where the information is found online. The Database can be considered more of a public dictionary where you can find information about anything. From professional biographies to video game character information, you can find everything about them in full detail here in this section. If you do not find the person, character or item you are looking for, you can pitch in and add them yourself for others to know about. The Database is a great place to learn more about your favorite live style, favorite character, TV shows, movies or a great way to share your knowledge of them if they are not found on the net. Additionally, the Database section can also be used to add personal video game characters like massive multiplayer characters you have in the account of video games you play!

Webcam Section: Live free webcam services.

Jixem holds the Webcam section with the best online features you won't find anywhere. These features include screen sharing, live streaming, voice/audio chatting, real time text translator and many more. The webcam section is a free service we provide for anyone who wish to use it. You can webcam in real time with everyone in the room or personally on a 1-on-1 session with anyone willing to do so. When you wish to go to the next ultimate level in straight forward communication, head on over to the webcam for some face time with your favorite members of the site. If you are the shy type do not worry, a webcam to enter the Webcam section of the site is not obligated to have and is an optional thing only. So if you do not wish to webcam with anyone but desire to watch or chat, you may do so freely with no restrictions to yourself or others!

Pro-Packages: Buy a package and freely advertise yourself.

We offer multiple pro-packages which you can buy at any time on the website. These packages vary in price range and you will more likely find the one that is best for you, if you are a solo freelancer or a huge buisiness corporation - we got you covered. Buying a package will grant you the ability to boost your post and pages you create, this means it is shown on different areas of the site automatically where other members can view. This in turn gives you more views and exposure, it is quick and very easy and pretty much instant way to advertise yourself on our website. Advertising could never be easier, just buy a package, boost your favorite post or page and you are set!

Affiliation: Earn money by bringing new members.

We have a great refer system for members of the site, it is a great way to earn yourself money by simply referring others to our site. This means you can earn money for members who register using your referral link and buying a pro-package. There is a variety of packages the members can buy to help them advertise themselves throughout our site. For every referred person who buys a package using your affiliate link you earn money paid for the package. So if you wish to make some extra money, now you can by simply inviting people through your referral link once you register, it is as simple as that!