Role Play
Warning: These rooms are for role playing dedicated members only, these rooms are not the place for casual chat. If you do not role play or even know what role playing is - do not enter or go to these rooms and use them. Anyone found trying to have casual chat in the rooms will have their accounts on our website permanently closed. If you wish to have casual chats with members without the aspect of role-playing, you can find it over in the Talk City section of the website.

Role-Play Information
Welcome to the Role-Play section of Jixem, specially created for members who are dedicated role-players. You can find how to customize your text in these rooms by checking the Boxcodes section. In this area you may find rooms which are set as realms (or worlds) where you can join to role-play with other members who enjoy role-playing just like you. Be sure to choose the room you would be most comfortable in, you may switch realms (rooms) at any time. Role-play is just the use of text to describe actions and roles you or others do. To Role-Play, it is required that you have or use a personal Role- Play character of your own, the character can be owned by you or anything you desire, everything here is fully imaginary. The rules of the site still stands here, no sexual actions or adult content can be shared in these rooms. Anyone found doing so will be removed from our services permanently. You can create an unlimited number of Role-Playing characters at our Role Persona section of the site, keep in mind you must be registered to the site to do so. Below are the list of realms you can choose from, click any of the realm names to be taken there. If you wish to find personal/private role-playing partners, you can do so via the Friend Finder room.

United Realm
The United Realm is a universal area which holds every single category in one. One can consider United Realm as a general role playing section for any and all types of role players. It does not have a specific category like the other realms do, which means anything can go, any role and any kind of character is welcomed in the United Realm freely. So if you wish to practice your role playing skills or just fit in to then move to a more specific realm, the United Realm can help with both.

Furry Realm
The Furry realm is for role-play members who enjoy playing out the role of furries. Furries include pretty much anything fully animal or half animal/human like. Examples are nekos, kitsune, fully human-like animal personas as in foxes, rabbits, dogs, cats, pandas, birds, reptiles and so on.

Brony Realm
The Brony realm is for role-play members who enjoy playing out the role of ponies from the television series My Little Pony. Bronies include pretty much everything that is in the My Little Pony world and everything that has to do with it. They also consist of having magical powers and a tattoo, drawn figure or stamp of a shape, object or wording on their rear hips.

Career Realm
The Career realm is for role-play members who enjoy playing the roles of a specific career or job. Examples of these roles include teacher/student, boss/employee, police officer/burglar, judge/prosecuted, priest/nun, doctor/patient, nurse patient, doctor/nurse, boss/secretary, house owner/maid, house owner/babysitter and so on.

Fantasy Realm
The Fantasy realm is for role-play members who enjoy the roles of fantasy and fictional characters. Examples include demons, saints, succubus, warlocks, sorcerers, creatures, mummies and beast. Interactions using light magic, radiant magic, dark magic, spells, dark arts, voodoo, runes, artifacts, telepathy, chi energy, spirit realm, dark abyss, underwater realms and so on.

Adventure Realm
The Adventure realm is for role-play members who enjoy the roles of science-fiction combined with futuristic or medieval timelines. Examples include the roles of vikings, barbarians, amazons, pirates, space solders, kings, queens, prince, princess, knights, kingdoms, space fleets, aliens and so on.

Dungeons & Dragons Realm
The Dungeon & Dragons room is dedicated to the fans of the series and for the role playing community of it. It is also a great way to role-play your character from video games of the series may it be a Guardian, Paladin, Fighter, Ranger, Warlock, Rouge, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Cleric or Wizard, you can find it all here to role-play.

Friend Finder
The Friend Finder room is a room created for members to find personal role-playing partners. This room is used only to get information about interested role-playing members to contact them separately from the rooms. If you like role-play partners, you can come here to find a few for private role-playing or to invite to any other room you are in.