F/A-22 A Raptor
Downloadable 3D Aircraft
.3ds, .dxf, .fbx, .max, .obj
UV Mapped
This is a highly detailed 3D model of an F/A-22 A Raptor at a very low polygon count. It is fully rigged and even animated with opening/closing gear doors and lowering/rising gears. The rear vector nuzzles can be animated for realistic thrust vectoring and the model comes with a 2048×2048 texture map size for the best possible texture quality even at close range. This model also includes an opening/closing canopy with fully detailed and modeled cockpit for its low polygon count. Along with that, the model also has fully animated opening/closing side missile bays and bottom bomb bays and opening/closing machine gun pod positioned to the right behind the cockpit as well. Finally, all flaps and rudders are fully movable in all directions required for aerial flight with just 8672 polygons.
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