I believe everyone already knows about the elevator traction machine, but do you know its main structure? The following Xizi Forvorda will introduce the importance of elevator traction machine and the main structure of elevator traction machine.

The importance of elevator traction machine

The elevator traction machine is the heart of the elevator, the elevator can go up and down, it is driven by the elevator traction machine, the analogy is the engine: the elevator traction machine traction machine drags the wire rope, the wire rope is connected to the elevator car, the traction The machine takes the wire rope up and down.


The main structure of elevator traction machine

 elevator traction machine

1. Traction motor

The elevator traction machine has an AC motor and a DC motor, and the traction motor is the power source that drives the elevator to run up and down. Elevators are typical potential loads. According to the working nature of the elevator, the motor of the elevator traction machine should have the following characteristics: it can start and brake frequently, the starting current is small, and the running noise of the motor is low.

2. Traction wheel

The traction sheave is the sheave on the elevator traction machine, also known as the traction sheave or the driving sheave. It is a device for the elevator to transmit traction power. It uses the friction between the traction wire rope and the rope groove on the traction wheel rim to transmit power, and is installed on the worm gear shaft in the reducer. In the case of a gearless elevator traction machine, it is installed on the side of the brake, on the same axis as the motor shaft and the brake shaft.

3. Traction wire rope

The traction wire rope is also called the traction rope. The elevator special wire rope connects the car and the counterweight, and is driven by the elevator traction machine to make the car go up and down. It carries the sum of the weight of the car, counterweight, rated load, etc. The elevator traction machine is wound around the traction sheave and the guide sheave in the machine room, one end is connected to the car, and the other end is connected to the counterweight device.