It seems to have become a trend to use outdoor fire stoves when camping, but do you know what to pay attention to using an outdoor fire stove when camping? Below Shuanghe will introduce to you precautions and tips for using an outdoor fire stove when camping.

Precautions for using an outdoor fire stove when camping

 outdoor fire stove

No matter how much camping experience you have, it is important to be safe when using an outdoor fire stove as carbon monoxide poisoning is not uncommon on camping trips. Make sure the fire is out before you go to bed or leave the outdoor fire stove.

1. Avoid placing objects near the outdoor fire stove

If you are going to use an outdoor fire stove in your tent, you must find a suitable place in your tent before you light the outdoor fire stove and need to place it away from your equipment and belongings, including camping gear, equipment and clothing. Although these outdoor fire stoves are relatively safe to use properly, they can generate a considerable amount of heat and anything that comes into direct contact with the outdoor fire stove can be damaged considerably.

2. Ventilation

Due to the complex climatic conditions in the wilderness, the wind direction is susceptible to change, which can easily affect the full combustion of the outdoor wood stove. Once the firewood is not fully combusted, a large amount of carbon monoxide gas will be produced, which can easily lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is life-threatening. So use the outdoor fire stove in a ventilated environment.

3. Pay attention to liquid spills

As the outdoor fire stove burns with high temperature and heat, care must be taken not to place liquids such as water cups, water bottles and milk close to the outdoor fire stove so as not to accidentally knock them over and cause injury. Once these liquids are spilled on the outdoor fire stove, they will be instantly heated by the heat and will release high temperature steam, which can easily burn your skin and cause burns when splashed out.


Tips for using an outdoor fire stove when camping

1. When using an outdoor fire stove when camping, it is important to remove everything within 60 cm of the stove. Flammable items such as alcohol, gas cans and hairspray may cause a fire if they are close to the stove.

2. Generally, if you use an outdoor fire stove in a tent when camping, place it close to the tent window or tent door and leave a certain ventilation gap inside and outside the tent to allow free air circulation.

3. When using an outdoor fire stove when camping, always keep the water cups away from the outdoor fire stove to prevent accidents.


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