They unlocked through one-time-only redeemable codes. Unlike Rocket League Items most items on our list, it isn’t possible to trade Decennium Pro Wheels, meaning you’ll need to find an unclaimed code to get a copy.You can play Rocket League with any type of music in the background, but Rocket League x Monstercat: Greatest Hits vinyl was just something else. The popular music producer went all in to create tracks that reflect a Rocket League player’s emotions during intense matches.

The vinyl didn’t hit the market with empty hands, however. Anyone who preordered it received the Monstercat Wheels. Though the gift pack included other Monstercat-themed items, the wheels stood out with their passive sounds. You can lose yourself to the rhythm of your wheels as you drive around.

Purchasing the vinyl right now won’t be enough to receive the Monstercat cosmetics since they were exclusive to the pre-purchasers.Not everything has to be a limited-time deal to be rare. Twitch drops make up another set of rare items in Rocket League due to their low drop rates.