PET Blowing Machine is the most cost-effective solution for mass production of jars and bottles for small and medium scale factories. The PET bottle making machine is also designed for the production of big jars and containers. The blowing machine is fit to blow carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles and hot-filling bottles. With microcomputer controlling system, it controls various technical parameter needed more accurately and more steadily. It can operate easily without any special training and more safely.

The advantages of the bottle blowing machine:

  1. small size, power consumption, operation and maintenance convenient.
  2. advanced PLC control system, time control can be accurate to 0.01 seconds.
  3. special air storage device.
  4. infrared bottle heater.
  5. different heating lamps are equipped with an independent temperature control device to ensure that the bottle embryo has an ideal heating effect.
  6. the direction of the heating lamp tube can be adjusted according to the different bottle embryos.
  7. the mechanical operation of the bottle is only one person, and no special training is required.
  8. installation, start simple.

The Hand Fed series machine does not require highly skilled manpower for operation & maintenance.

The design is such that it is very user friendly.

Consistent Production & Ease of Operation:

The machine also ensures consistent output & quality of bottles because of its automatic nature of operation and output is no longer based on specialised skill of the machine attendant.

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